The art of visual storytelling, in a simplified form like the comic book, is an invaluable form of expression. One can literally change the world with an unadulterated statement made in the form of an easily understandable sequence of strategically placed words married to provocative imagery.

The simplicity of the form allows for complete control of an artistic vision by a creative storyteller in an easy access, user-friendly format.

Grey Publishing presents entertainment as art...

Grey Publishing presents...

Val-Mar, Prince of the Damned™ is horrific fantasy colliding with reality as seen through the eyes of a child… an epic struggle with the fate of a world in the balance. 

Phoebe had heard stories of a “Times Square Demon”, but dismissed them as fairy tales meant to frighten children. She had been careful to get to her hiding place before dark, until tonight. 
Seeing the entrance to her safe-place in the alley directly in front of her, she breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe the demon wasn’t following her at all. Maybe it was all just her imagination... or maybe not...Val-Mar.html
The Legend of Apollo™... ambitious social commentary hidden within a lush, majestic science-fiction drama.

Maybe this will earn his respect, he thought to himself. A scientific find such as this one would impress anyone. Anyone except his son…
To accomplish that he would have to be something special, extraordinary… something practically superhuman... And this he was not. 
Not yet...Apollo.html

Song of Brooklyn is a story of transcendence, where a troubled man cuts through the scars of a broken childhood to find his true self.

When an emotionally damaged fighter becomes champion, the pressure of the title forces him to retreat into a world within himself... until the world outside invades it.


The Arena... an existential study of the struggle between physical and spiritual survival...

Two men start an underground gambling expedition that becomes a spiritual proving ground for would-be warriors.